Lawn Care Maintenance & Grass Cutting Services

If you are looking for the best landscape maintenance and lawn services in eastern North Carolina, you are in the right place! Contact our service department today to schedule a free consultation and evaluation of your lawn!

Rumaldo Landscape & Tree Service offers regular lawn care maintenance and grass-cutting services for our residential and commercial clients across the Outer Banks and Northeastern North Carolina.

Rumaldo’s Approach to Lawn Care to Outer Banks & Northeastern NC Lawn Care Services

A well-maintained lawn is more than just a patch of grass! Regular lawn care and grass-cutting maintenance preserves your yard's health, safety, and beauty.

We offer a comprehensive suite of lawn care services tailored to the unique needs of properties on the Outer Banks and in Northeastern North Carolina. Our approach includes:

  • Weekly Mowing and Trimming: During the growing season, we ensure that all lawn areas are mowed and trimmed weekly to maintain an optimal grass height and appearance.
  • Regular Fertilization: We fertilize all lawn areas four times annually with a carefully balanced formula to promote lush, green turf and a robust root system.
  • Weed Control: To keep your lawn looking its best, we apply pre-emergent and selective herbicides twice annually to control weeds and prevent their growth.
  • Pest and Disease Management: Our team uses insecticides and fungicides as needed throughout the year to address pest infestations and fungal diseases, ensuring the health and vitality of your lawn.

At Rumaldo Landscape & Tree Service, we understand the importance of regular grass cutting for maintaining a healthy and vibrant lawn. Our grass-cutting services are tailored to meet the specific needs of your property, ensuring optimal results every time.

We use professional-grade mowers to guarantee a consistent and uniform cut. Our team understands the different grass types and seasonal conditions across our region that require various cutting heights and makes adjustments to promote healthy growth year-round.

By offering flexible mowing frequency options including weekly, bi-weekly, or customized schedules based on your preferences and lawn conditions.

After we cut your grass our work is not complete. We get off our riding mowers and pick up our edgers and weedeaters to ensure crisp, clean lines for your lawn borders. This crucial aspect of lawn care maintenance is often overlooked around sidewalks, driveways, and flower beds.

Our lawn care and maintenance packages include a comprehensive fertilization and weed control treatment program to promote healthy grass growth. Weed can detract from the beauty of your lawn and force grass to compete for essential nutrients and water.

Our fertilization and weed control program is carefully crafted to provide your lawn with the essential nutrients it needs with targeted preventative measures to address existing weed infestations and keep weed seeds from germinating in your yard. We use high-quality herbicides to create a barrier and fertilizers to nourish your grass, strengthen its roots, and enhance its overall health and vitality.

The result is a well-fed lawn that not only looks healthier but also boasts a vibrant green color that enhances the beauty of your outdoor space.

Lawn aeration can improve soil compaction and promote healthy root growth for grass, ultimately leading to a lush and vibrant lawn. Over time, soil can become compacted from foot traffic, heavy machinery, or natural settling.

Sandy and clay soil common in Northeastern North Carolina can restrict the movement of air, water, and key nutrients to the grass, hindering development. Our aeration program creates channels to penetrate deep into the root zone so adequate soil oxygenation. As a result, grass can root deeper and absorb more water while we work to enhance soil structure and fertility.

Our overseeding process fills in bare patches of grass and rejuvenates thin, worn-out areas of your lawn by introducing new grass seed to your existing lawn. The result is a denser and more uniform lawn surface.

A thick lawn looks beautiful and provides better weed suppression, improved soil moisture retention, and enhanced resistance to pests and diseases. Rumaldo’s team is well-educated on the different grass seed blends and species that thrive in your property’s specific soil type. This is especially important when maintaining yards in oceanside locations like the Outer Banks and Currituck County.

Routine lawn maintenance requires extra seasonal care.

In the spring we prepare your lawn for the growing season ahead. Rumaldo’s team offers efficient land management services that remove debris, and dead foliage, or clean up your landscape beds.

We can prepare your lawn in the fall with winterization practices such as regular leaf, reseeding, and mulching to maintain your yard through the colder months.

Service Areas:

Why Choose Our Regular Lawn Care Service

Rumaldo and his crew provide a customized approach to lawn care services paying careful attention to the unique needs of your Outer Banks and Northeastern North Carolina property.

We do not subcontract out any of our work. All of your grass mowing and lawn care work will be performed by experienced, uniformed landscaping crew members.

Aside from our trusted and reliable lawn care maintenance, Rumaldo Landscape & Tree Service stands out from the competition. You can count on us to arrive on time and complete the job efficiently. Our top priority is customer satisfaction.

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Request a Lawn Mowing & Maintenance

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Our team is standing by to help you achieve a lush and vibrant yard!


Lawn Care Maintenance & Grass Cutting Testimonials

steve harrison
steve harrison
Rumaldo and his skilled crews did many fantastic Projects on my house, he was fair and honest, always showed up when he said and worked very hard . I would definitely recommend him for any task.
Ed Wiggins
Ed Wiggins
Rumaldo widened my driveway with turf stone and did a beautiful job. It is much nicer than I expected. He was also the best estimate for the work. He will be my go to guy for any future landscaping I require.
Denise Rhoads
Denise Rhoads
Rumaldo and his multiple crews are amazing! Hardworking; talented; professional; on-time; reliable and have reasonable pricing! They can also do anything you need if it’s an outside project (painting; staining; house washing, etc…). Just ask! Rumaldo has taken care of my property for over 5 years …… I wouldn’t use anyone else!
Ed Gomez
Ed Gomez
Rumaldo and his team did an awesome job for us. He did what he said he was going to do and did it on time and with in budget! Highly recommend!
Troublemaker Band
Troublemaker Band
They did a fantastic Job ,very reasonable ,cleaned up nicely and showed up when they said they would , Would HIGHLY recommend.
Kathy Croley
Kathy Croley
Rumaldo and his team were great! Very professional, friendly and price very reasonable. Highly recommend This company for your “Outdoor” needs. They also paint houses and do decking.
Suzanne Scott Constantine
Suzanne Scott Constantine
Rumaldo and his crew did a wonderful job for us last year, and we are set to have him make our yard beautiful again this year. The team is fast and thorough. And it looks great when they leave.
Robert Gunn
Robert Gunn
Showed up on time and did a great job very nice personality
Lawrence Hansen
Lawrence Hansen
If you are looking for an expert that is reliable and priced reasonable, Rumaldo is the professional you want. He showed up on time and gave an estimate. His team removed seven trees, also removed the stumps. They completed the job in a timely fashion. Certainly, will recommend and use Rumaldo and his team again in the future.
Margaret Guardado
Margaret Guardado
Knowledgeable and professional!

Lawn Care Service Areas

We aim to provide our top-notch lawn care maintenance and grass-cutting services to the Outer Banks and surrounding areas. Here’s a list of all the areas we are currently providing services to:

Camden County

Chowan County

Gates County

Hertford County

Hyde County

Pasquotank County

Perquimans County

Tyrell County

Washington County